No Mercy – The Ruthless Gaze

“Women make tougher films!” Ever since cult director Kira Muratova gave this thought to the young filmmaker Isa Willinger at the beginning of her film career, it has been stuck with her. How come, since “female” tends to be equated with “empathic” and “sensitive”? 

With this film Willinger sets out on a journey to the great female directors of our time. She meets world-famous directing legends as well as newcomers and radical pioneers. It becomes clear that the cinema screen is a projection space for real social problems and power relations. The question NO MERCY raises goes deep: Where do we really stand today in terms of women, men and power?

Feature Documentary
ca. 90 min.

written & directed by
Isa Willinger

director of photography
Siri Klug

A co-production with:
Tondowski Films (GER)
FlairFilm (AUT)

Funded by:
Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media
Austrian Filminstitute
Filmfund Vienna
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
ORF Film TV Agreement